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Brother PRMS360 Magnetic Sash Frame
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Brother PRMS360 Magnetic Sash Frame

Brother s Patent-Pending Exclusive Hoopnetic Magnetic Frame features 8 magnets that help you hoop and embroider thick materials with ease. Say goodbye to fabric shifting and the need to re-hoop the fabric when connecting designs or embroidering large areas. Just slide the fabric on the frame for the next area to be embroidered and you re ready to use it with Brother PR1000, PR1000e, PR1050X, PR1055X, PR655, PR670EC embroidery machine models.
Main Features
  • Includes eight magnets and frame
  • Works with thin or thick materials
  • Stitch in any area of your choice
  • 360 mm x 200 mm sewing area
  • Compatible with PR1000, PR1000e, PR1050X, PR1055X, PR655C, PR670EC