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Brother - XP2 Luminaire XP2
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Brother - XP2 Luminaire XP2

The XP2 delivers the same advanced features of the original Luminaire, like StitchVision Technology for stitch precision and more accurate embroidery design placement, 4 included frames, a built-in camera for fast scanning and a large 10.1” capacitive touchscreen display for easy menu navigation, zooming, on-screen design editing and tutorial viewing. The Luminaire 2 takes its offering further with a variety of sashing patterns and the auto decorative fill function as well as more stitches, motifs and fill patterns than its predecessor so you can tap into endless design options. It also lets you step up your embroidery and quilting game with brilliant new innovations and app-based features available from your mobile devices. Discover Brother’s XP2 for a sewing experience that’ll take you light years beyond.

With the same advanced features as the original Luminaire, the XP2 delivers StitchVision Technology, 4 frames, a built-in camera for fast scanning and a large 10.1” touchscreen. The Luminaire 2 goes further with added sashing patterns, auto decorative fill and more stitches, motifs and fill patterns. Enjoy brilliant new innovations and app-based features available from your mobile devices.

Industry-first StitchVision Technology
Project stitches and designs on the fabric for perfect placement. The 5" x 3" preview area displays gridlines and single or double guidelines while a 3-colour embroidery pointer eliminates the need for messy chalks.

End point sewing function
The built-in camera-like feature in the InnovEye Plus Technology detects the Snowball End Point Sewing Sticker placed on your project and stops the stitching exactly where you want.

Brother-exclusive ‘Quiltbroidery’ features
Quilting and embroidery functions that will make your projects stand out including five two-colour quilting sash designs, built-in hexagon shapes for auto split sash, single or triple stitching, and more.

Expansive workspace and embroidery area
A 65-square-inch workspace – Brother’s largest – and a generous 13" needle-to-arm span makes it easy to manage projects of virtually any size – even a rolled king-size quilt.

Frames up to 10 5/8" x 16"
Create larger-than-life embroidery with our clamp-free frames that feature an ergonomic spring lever release and rubber plates on both sides for a superior grip. Additional frames include 4" x 4", 5" x 7" and 10 5/8" x 10 5/8".

Expandable library of built-in tutorials
Explore 40+ enhanced tutorial videos and instructional manuals or stream your own creations on the high-definition LCD display. With everything from basic operations to embroidery functions, learning is easy.

Over 1,300 built-in designs Let your imagination and creativity run wild with the extensive library of over 1,300 built-in embroidery designs, including Anna Aldmon, Zundt, Zentangle, Pierre Joseph Redouté and 192 exclusive-to-Brother Disney designs.

My Stitch Monitor Mobile App Using LAN connectivity, this app keeps track of your embroidery when you’re away from your machine. Get notified on your iOS or Android™ mobile device when you need to change threads or if your project has finished stitching.

My Design Snap Mobile App
Transfer images wirelessly for simple personalization and customization. Select a picture of line art or an illustration from your iOS or Android™ mobile device and send it directly to the XP2 through your wireless network.

Enhanced InnovEye Plus Technology With fast scanning in high resolution, The InnovEye Plus Technology gives you the ability to scan the entire embroidery area for virtually endless creative options. It’s like having a built-in camera and scanner!