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Happy Holidays!

By now you’re likely up to your hips in Christmas gifts and wrapping. STOP. Take a moment to imagine Christmas afternoon when all that wrapping paper gets shoved into plastic garbage bags, destined for the dump.  Wasteful packaging is on its way out; we see it in the fast-food industry and on grocery shelves but the gift-wrapping industry hasn’t quite caught up. 

We’re on a mission to change that and reduce the garbage stream too. Wouldn’t you be happier, and more responsible, if you wrapped your gifts in reusable, sustainable fabric?  It’s an incredibly creative way to do something wonderful for the people, and planet, you love!

Happy Holidays!


Here at Cherry Tree Quilts we’ve got you covered! Perhaps you have lots of old, unused fabric pieces at home and simply need a pattern or some guidance on how to turn it into wrapping. OR, maybe you’re not a sewer and are interested in purchasing ready to wrap fabrics that can be used over and over. Pre-made gift wrap is now available on our website below.

Click here to view and purchase our Kit for Sustainable Packaging.

You can also download the EASY instructions on making your own, complete with sizes and edging instructions.

Click here to download the free pattern and instructions

Whether it’s your own, leftover fabric, or new options from Cherry Tree Quilts, you can shop in person or online. Either way we are here to help you with your Christmas projects!



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